Latrice S.
Nurse Sam was amazing!!!! She took her time with us and made sure we were comfortable! 10/10 would recommend!!!
Z A.
The place is clean , The staff is very friendly. I feel refreshed and rehydrated. i would definitely return and recommend this place. Thanks guys for a wonderful experience.
Heather D.
Clean and inviting. Friendly staff and great experience! They offer many different drips and if you are in a hurry, IM shots.
Keinosha K
I had the most AMAZING experience at The Drip Bar with Owner Kay and Nurse Samantha! The overall experience from friendliness, meeting the expectations I had for my well-being goal and the aesthetic . I mean these ladies were EVERYTHING! Thank you for serving me greatness!
samantha frederick
TheDripBar-Sandy Springs is AMAZING! The facility is so clean and relaxing! Everyone there is so helpful. Left TheDripBar feeling like a new women. Definitely a 5/5 rating for me.
Takeisha Robinson
I’ve visited this bar twice and the experience is consistent. I love chatting with the owner she is very knowledgeable professional and welcoming. The nursing staff is patient and kind. I have left feeling relaxed and refreshed each time. Definitely making this a habit.
Mary Magdalene
I thought I had entered a spa when I came through the front door. Delightful and soothing and pleasant aroma filled the space and it made me want to stay for as long as I could. The proprietress made me feel very welcome and explained the many different drip options there were and suggested one or two that would be most beneficial for me based on info o had provided. The nurse who administered the drip was very skilled and pleasant and I rested on a super comfortable padded chaise lounge for the duration. No stress, just relaxed and that’s how I left there feeling at ease. Would recommend this drip bar to anyone as you will find the formula ,with their help, that is best for you. Pristine and soothing atmosphere! Give it a try and treat your body to this healthy drip vitamin therapy!
LeHa La
Best IV infusion in Atlanta. Had been to a number of places in the area for IV drip and so far it has been the best in my experience - great options of infusion packages, clean and comfortable facility, VERY accommodating and thoughtful services. Kay made us feel extremely welcome. They actually care about the clients and want to provide a good experience, unlike other places where they just try to hurry you and get tips from you. Nurses are very friendly and on time. We stopped going to other places aftering finding this location.
Heather Doblosky
I have been to The DripBar twice now and I love it! I get my hydration in a spa like setting and the staff are awesome! I have done the Powerpack, which gives me the energy to get through a rough day. I have also done the IM Lean quick shot, which was a quick in and out appointment when you don’t have time for the drip. The shot left me feeling energized for days! If you have been feeling frumpy or need a boost of energy or hydration, I highly recommend coming here! Diana did my IV and she was great :) They also have Red Light Therapy whi